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Nazima Agate



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Sodalite is a soft and positive force that brings healing power to the heart and head. Its sacred blue color is splashed with a salt-white, reminiscent of the energy of surging surf. It helps us recognize that both the heart and the head are luminous and can bring wisdom and intuition to the table.

The soft blue energy of Sodalite and the sparkling white flecks in this beautiful Sodalite Energy Bracelet are the perfect union of calming intuitive and wisdom-filled hearts with the objectivity of mental strength.

Beautifully building bridges between the spiritual and the logical, this Sodalite Energy Bracelet puts you back in touch with human intuition, connects with the heart, and pays homage to the heavens both on other plains and here on earth. A young and spritely mineral, Sodalite is a soft and positive force. The sacred blue color is splashed with a salt-whipped white (recalling the surging surf) — making me think of the stormy seas that make us better vessels for our emotions. And while this may be a stormy energized image, Sodalite brings that sweeping sense of calm one needs when facing shifting tides. But where this Sodalite Energy Bracelet truly blooms into its own is when it comes to the age-old wrestle between the heart and the head. Rather than splitting hairs, Sodalite helps you recognize that both are luminous and that Y

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