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Nazima Agate



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The Red Aventurine Bracelet is a glowing bracelet that radiates joy, energy and abundance. This bracelet is full of ripe energy, spark, and spirit. Red gemstones are often associated with the root chakra - helping to clear blockages and provide a solid foundation for us to construct our inner houses. When our roots run deep we are unshakable and can adapt and survive in a thousand different ways. The Red Orange Aventurine also brings all the beautiful elements of Aventurine to the table. Aventurine is known for being a stone of abundance, decisive action, and positivity..

Bring power to your prana and let your life force run wild with the Red Aventurine Bracelet. Blessed with fiery hues and a fine-tuned spirit, this bright crystal energy bracelet brings all the luck and abundance of Aventurine along with a delirious dose of courage and joy.

The Red Aventurine Bracelet is a vibrant and welcoming energy bracelet. This fiery orange stone is known to bring vitality, protection and positivity. It brings all the good stuff of Aventurine along with some serious fire power! This bracelet is perfect for anyone who wants to take action in their life and join the flow of movement towards abundance. It also provides protection against negativity."

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