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Nazima Agate



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DRAGON BLOOD STONE is said to have healing properties. Legend has it that this stone can increase internal energy, and slow aging by improving circulation. It also improves fertility, sexual prowess and the immune system. It is called a "Courage Stone" because of its courage boosting ability

Dragon Blood stones are considered by many to be a spiritual stone. Native American cultures believed the Dragon blood stone to be sacred and treat it as such. It was used for protection, strength and good luck, especially success in business and gambling. It is also said that the Dragon blood helps in soothing one's fears and emotions, attracting wealth, healing all wounds and relieving pain.

Our Dragon Blood Stone Beads are perfect for making your own statement. They are only limited by your imagination as to how they can be used. The Stone Beads can be used in Jewelry Making and also for a variety of other projects such as Ornaments and Accessories such as Sun Catchers, Key Chains, Bookmarks. Other than Jewelry and Crafting, these stones are also used for Meditation.

You will love these gemstone stones for their unique beauty and diverse color. They are perfect for making jewelry, but can also be used to create home decor items (such as suncatchers and bookmarks) or beautiful gifts for your friends and family.

These are Great Gift Ideas for both Men and Women

Note: Since the beads are natural and unique, beads may not have the same pattern for every single beads with the provided sample pictures. Please be understanding. Thanks a lot!

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