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Nazima Agate



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The Green Jade Energy Bracelet is a powerful stone, able to calm with a glance, and celebrated for bringing swathes of good luck. This bracelet is a mesmerizing mineral often associated with the flow of Feng Sui, or vast age. From ancient temples of Japan to the mists of Myanmar, Green Jade brings her translucent beauty from near and far. There's a deft lightness to this stone in mood, ebbing through her positive vibrations and bringing a cleansing pure energy to your personal space.

Bring Mother Nature’s healing energy into your life with our Green Jade Energy Bracelet. Made of gorgeous green jade, this striking stone has a long history of bringing abundance and good luck along with it. A must-have for all Feng Sui practitioners!

The green jade energy bracelet is a beautiful stone that comes set with a tiger's eye charm. The tiger's eye represents the power of life and vitality, helping you to maintain the personal motivation needed to achieve success.

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