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Nazima Agate



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Green jade is a unique and popular healing stone. It can be used to enhance creativity, create prosperity and abundance, and to strengthen your career. Green jade healing stone contains beneficial minerals that aid in emotional balance and assists you with learning, memory and brain function.

The GREEN JADE is a stone of prosperity, friendship and wealth. It supports mental strength and enhances the wearer's ability to make wise decisions. The green jade stone represents primal energy in your life, the energy of youth and vitality. Green jade provides protection from negative energies and increases harmony in relationships.

These Green Jade 8mm Round Stone Beads are Natural And Unique - Each Bead is Unique, Since they are handmade, each bead pattern can look different. No two beads are the same and there is no pattern to the beads that we provide you. These Stone Beads are Great Gifts that you can use your imagination to create your own project and unique gift in the world.

These bright and colorful beads are perfect for adding a pop of color to your jewelry projects. Made from 100% natural jadeite stones, these beautiful beads are naturally dyed for vibrant colors and include dozens of different looks to choose from. These beautifully colored beads make great accents to any jewelry project you have in mind.

Gemstone beads 8 mm in size, these beads can be used to create unique jewelry designs. Made from natural and organic materials, these gorgeous round beads are perfect for making boho style jewelry, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other wonderful projects. They make a great addition to any jewelry collection and will add a trendy look to your home decor. The large variety of colors and shapes will allow you to create your own unique gift in the world.

These are Great Gift Ideas for both Men and Women

Note: Since the beads are natural and unique, beads may not have the same pattern for every single beads with the provided sample pictures. Please be understanding. Thanks a lot!

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