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Nazima Agate



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An incredible addition to your stack, this simple Moonstone Beaded Bracelet is for all those who seek feminine grace and deep-healing. It has the purifying powers of intuition, and also serves as a guiding light for those ready for change.

Let the Moonstone Bracelet be your guiding light through all the wild changes happening in your life. The deeper you dive into this stone’s beautiful energy, and its caring vibrations, the stronger you will feel. It’s easy to feel scared and helpless when facing something new in life, but with this bracelet on your wrist, everything will feel more hopeful and clear.

8mm Moonstone Beads Bracelet. Moonstone was named for the moon because of its soft glow and reflective beauty. The brilliant mineral guide provides insight and reveals hidden emotions from buried places within us. It helps to balance emotions, transforming negative energy into positive, so you can find your inner strength.

Our collection of Moonstone bracelets, designed to illuminate and ground you during moments of uncertainty. The soft yet smooth surface of the stone helps to calm your anxiety levels and bring clarity where there may be chaos, while the natural opal shape lends an alluring glow that takes you from morning meditation all the way through to bedtime.

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