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Nazima Agate



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Petrified wood is the name given to wood that has been turned into stone (lignite to coal) through a very slow process of fossilization. Petrified wood is a type of a fossil because it was formed slowly over time as plants, trees and shrubs were buried, and minerals such as silica replaced all of the plant’s original biochemicals. As the minerals continue to replace the organic material in the plant—leaving distinct test prints—you get what we call petrified wood!

These petrified wood beads are perfect for beading, crafts and jewelry making. Each bead is about 8mm (about 0.3") in size, and features a lovely color array of browns, tans, and other earth tones.

These 8mm Petrified Wood Beads are made from real petrified wood and will hold together as an interesting pendant or earring centerpiece.

These beautiful Petrified Wood Loose beads are perfect for your arts and crafts projects. You can use these wood beads to create anything from bracelets to earrings and necklaces.

Make your jewelry designs stand out with the look of real fossilized petrified wood. These loose beads are great for adding sparkle to your latest creation.

These Stone Beads are not only for Making Beaded Necklaces, it can be used for Earrings, Bracelets, Yoga Bracelets ,Rings ,Anklets, Ear Cuffs, Brooches, Hair Accessories and other Jewelry Making too. Other than Jewelry, Gemstone Stone Beads Can be used to Create Ornaments and Accessories such as Sun Catchers, Key Chains and Bookmarks

These are Great Gift Ideas for both Men and Women

Note: Since the beads are natural and unique, beads may not have the same pattern for every single beads with the provided sample pictures. Please be understanding. Thanks a lot!

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