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Nazima Agate



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The stone of universal love, Pink Rhodonite balances emotions, lifts depression and helps to promote self-love. It heals emotional wounds and trauma, releasing old patterns and habits that no longer serve us. This beautiful stone supports the physical heart chakra and opens the upper chakras to connect with our higher selves and spirit guides.

Pink Rhodonite is the stone associated with the heart chakra. It cleanses and dispels negative vibrations, while balancing and aligning your personal energies. Pink Rhodonite brings harmony, love and increases loving self-expression. If you are feeling hurt or lost this stone will help you heal quickly by taking care of your emotional wounds, allowing them to be released more easily so you can move on in life. This crystal helps to clear away old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you, thus allowing room for new experiences to enter your life.

Our Pink Rhodonite Gemstone Stone Beads are perfect addition to jewelry making and other DIY projects. Use them to make necklaces, bracelets or earrings. These beads are made of the highest quality material and come in various beautiful shades of pink that are sure to catch anyone's eye. They come in round shapes and have a smooth finish.

These beautiful loose beads are perfect if you're looking to make jewelry or just want to add some flair and color to your home decor. They can also be used as writing utensils, which makes them a great gift idea. With so many different uses, you'll never want to stop using these colorful stones!

These are Great Gift Ideas for both Men and Women

Note: Since the beads are natural and unique, beads may not have the same pattern for every single beads with the provided sample pictures. Please be understanding. Thanks a lot!

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