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Nazima Agate



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This Pink Tourmaline Energy Bracelet helps to promote love and calm emotions in times of stress. It's the perfect stone to help with anxiety. This bracelet is a true heart chakra stone! It helps heal emotional wounds by enabling you to open your heart to others. Carry this pink tourmaline crystal with you as a reminder that all is well and good on your journey, no matter what is happening around you

A pink tourmaline crystal bracelet is a heart chakra stone. It helps heal the heart from emotional wounds. It is a very gentle, soothing, and nourishing stone that helps restore a sense of wholeness. pink tourmaline can help you find calm and balance.

The Pink Tourmaline Energy Bracelet is a love stone. It heals the heart from emotional wounds and connects it to your spiritual self. The Pink Tourmaline Energy Bracelet makes you feel more confident to open up to others. It encourages compassion, gentleness and loving energy.

Our Pink Tourmaline Energy Bracelet 8MM is made of solid Pink Tourmaline gemstones. This gemstone bracelet helps you to have more confidence, and it brings love, joy, happiness into your life. It is a heart chakra stone, which balances emotions and provides inner peace.

With a beautiful 8mm pink tourmaline stone, this bracelet is infused with healing loving energy. The stone reminds you to express yourself in a loving way to all who cross your path. It's the perfect gift for someone special and to help calm your emotions in times of stress.

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