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Nazima Agate



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This Pyrite sphere is just perfect for spiritual and energy purposes. With this Pyrite crystal you can stay more focused and calm, helping you to discover your full potential. Be sure that when you are surrounded by this beautiful mineral, it will enhance every aspect of your life.

Free of any talc or fillers, this Pyrite Sphere from Peru contains high quality Pyrite pieces that hold a natural polish and shine. Each piece is a unique geological specimen that will look great in your home or office!

Pyrite has been used throughout history as a protective stone. Pyrite helps one develop more self confidence and courage, especially when facing something situations such as taking a risk for personal growth or success. This is an ideal stone for cultivating courage, fortitude, resolve and righteous indignation. It strengthens will power, determination, and commitment to achieve a goal. It brings clarity to the intellect bringing understanding of any matter at hand.

Pieces measure approximately 2.00" to 2.50" (AVERAGE SIZE) 

However, if you are looking for a novelty piece that can bring to lot of Money anywhere and everywhere then this is the right choice for you.

Note: Since this Pyrite Sphere are natural and 100% unique, Pyrite Sphere Stone may not have the same pattern for every single Pieces with the provided sample pictures. Please be understanding. Thanks a lot!

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