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Nazima Agate



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This Sulemani Agate Energy Bracelet has been used for thousands of years as a protection against black magic, negative energy and the evil eye. It is also said to relieve stress and enhance spiritual awareness. Wear this bracelet to maintain contact with divine forces and enkindle internal calm.

The Sulemani agate energy bracelet is a great accessory to wear when you are feeling stressed or have low energy levels. The natural healing properties of the Sulemani agate protect you from evil eyes, black magic and negative thoughts. It also enkindles spiritual awareness in its wearer.

The Sulemani Agate Energy Bracelet 8MM is a blessing for all those who love wearing bracelets. Featuring high-quality material, this bracelet comes with a rustic look and blends with any attire. It is known for its charming design and unique features that help in promoting health and wellness. The product also helps in gaining inner calm and tranquility, thus balancing the overall energies within your body.

This is a beautiful, soothing and calming stone, also known as blood agate. Its deep red colour brings out energy, which helps in maintaining contact with divine forces and enkindling spiritual awareness. Sulemani Agate therefore helps in meditation or understanding on ones own self. It is also beneficial in fighting stress, balancing the yin and yang (that is, the positive and negative energy) that comes from within us.

Sulemani Agate is a powerful stone to help purge negativity and stress from the body by enhancing self-confidence and strength. This bead bracelet can be worn by anyone.

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