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Nazima Agate



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Unakite is made up of earthy greens, mosses, and clouds that are colored with bright pinks, spanning from earth tones to bold greens and purples. Unakite is known for its calm, meditative energy and can help those who have a tendency towards depression or anxiety learn to find the beauty in the smallest of moments. This bracelet is an all-American stone hailing from the Unaka Mountains, bringing with it all the love, compassion, and glorious grounding we can find from nature's majestic mountains.

Finally, a bracelet that offers you all the love, peace and grounding from nature's majestic mountains. With a bold green center and cloudy pink edges, this Unakite energy bracelet is sure to catch the eye. Wear her with clear eyes so that you can see clearly how abundant life really is, and that joy is found in the small moments. Sit back and let us do the rest.

Behold the Unakite Energy Bracelet, a lovely piece of jewelry that was born right here in North Carolina. With its green and pink hues, it is sure to catch the eye, but it is also a stone that brings with it great strength, determination and balance. We suggest you wear this one on your wrist, because where other bracelets can only offer support from the inside out, this one helps ground all of your chakras and bring you into perfect harmony with yourself, others, and all of nature.

Unakite is a stone of the heart and mind. She reminds us to see with clear eyes, and make conscious choices. Unakite brings abundant energy that's very grounding in nature - she even features a tree-like structure of pink quartz, lending her name to trees and growth. Let her bracelet be an extension of your love and compassion around your wrist as you gracefully move through the world.

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